Ever loved love stories in Tollywood check this out

1.Alaa Modalaindii
A classy comedy love story with no big turns entertains till the end. Nitya and Gowtham meet at a marriage of their ex’s.S tory revolve how they fell in love. A cute, lovely story.

Manchu Manoj’s experimental love story. A story is all about 5 hours in Sydney Airport, how he makes heroine fall for him. Directed by versatile director Chandrashekar Yeleti.

3.Malli Malli Idi Raani Roju
Rajaram an athlete falls in love with Nazriya, the story reveals how they met, how they end up to different places. Climax reveals the plot of their lives. Sharwa and Nithya as leads and Kranthi Madhav, the director.

Cast: Siddarth and Shamili
Uday, a rich businessman, falls in love with a simple girl named Sandhya. He gets to know that Sandhya is terminally ill but still pursues her and teaches her to seize every moment of her short life. Songs turnout to be the biggest asset to the film. And the efforts by uday to make Sandhya happy will touch hearts.
Director: Anand Ranga

Cast: Prabhas & Kajal.
Prabha prepares to meet Nandini, his childhood friend, whom he expects to see soon at the reunion party thrown by his father. But fell in sudden issues by a gangsters daughter who loves Prabha.
Director: Karunakaran

6.Kumari 21F
Siddhu, a chef, falls in love with Kumari, a struggling model from Mumbai. However, he begins to doubt her fidelity as his friends tell him that she has many other boyfriends. A modern age love story by Sukumar
Directed by Surya Pratap

7.C/O Kancherapalem
Story of 4 pairs in a village an old age unmarried guy and a divorcee, a prostitute and a bartender, a gang boy and a traditional girl, a 4th class school boy and girl, how love finds its way, a twist reveals how all are connected. An amazing screenplay where a single scene changes the flow of the movie.
Directed by: Venkatesh mahaa

8.Yem Maaya Chesaave
Chay & Sam
Karthik, an engineering graduate wants to make films. He falls in love with Jessie, his neighbor but her father opposes their relationship due to religious differences.A.R Rehman’s music and love scenes by G.V.Menon bounds to screens.

9.Arjun Reddy
Vijay Devarakonda & Shalini pandey
Arjun Reddy, a successful young medical surgeon, sets out on the path of self-destruction when his lady-love is forced to marry another man.Modern Devdas cult classic love story, a path breaker in telugu cinemaa.

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