Four recent crime thrillers that u should never miss

1)Ratsasan :
The passionate hero who wants to be a director who is interested in psycho killer stories keeps collecting such incidents happening around him, somehow unwillingly he had to become a police officer and experience serial killings and even his niece gets involved. Story deals how hero reveals the killer and how his past helps in solving the mystery.

2)Immaika Nodigal:
Nayanatara as the lead role and Atharva and Rashi Khanna as next leads. Nayanthara as a CID officer deals with a case where serial killings happen after abduction this somehow linked to one of her previous case Rudra. The story involves love story of krithika and Arjun (brother of Nayan)and how Arjun gets involved in the case? Who is the real Rudra ..? Thrilling twists all around.


Action king Arjun’s cop thriller. Arjun as a cop leads a team, his team receives a hint every time where a serial killing happens but couldn’t stop happening. Meanwhile, he suffers from a serious disorder of his hand. Rest of the story is how hero overcomes the disability and solves the series of killings.

4)Chikka Cheventha Vanam :

Maniratnam back with a thriller classic. Father a famous goon in the city has 3 sons who try to claim his father’s name and throne. How did a family turn to avenge? how did brothers turn against themselves? How a police officer ends his mission ? classic mani rathnam essence movie

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