Gang Leader !! A mixture of brilliance and talent

Cast : Nani , Priyanka

Director :Vikram K Kumar

A Gang Leader follows the story of an all-women gang led by Nani who is a crime fiction writer with a pen name ‘Pencil’. A very expected story with an extraordinary execution.

A perfect blend of strengths , You will end up coming out of the movie praising the brilliance of the director Vikram for his extraordinary story telling capability , and his sheer brilliant screenplay.

And actors as expected as natural the very NATURAL STAR lives upto and stole the attention ,his comedy timing was splendid and it was remarkable.Actress Priyanka was so beautiful her presence added beauty to the screen she will be further ruling the industry , Actors Lakshmi , Sharanya and all the five character justified to be in the gang along with Nani. And something Out of the box was Karthikeya , was amazing as a con man, he was very apt for the role.

Verdict : A feel good revenge drama with all kinds of emotions in it

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