Petta Movie Review : Rajinikanth hits sankranthi? No?

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Petta by Karthik subbaraj G in presents of sun pictures has given a hit to Rajinikanth with the new story which is a perfect set for Rajinikanth style, attitude

Thalaiva is back with his hit once more

Story Line

Rajinikanth enters to the college hostel as a warden in the movie and there he is going to help two lovers whenever they fall in problems in this moment simran who is divorced and rajinikanth both fall in love and then there will be big attack in hostel on a boy (lover boy) ,in this moment everyone will know that rajinikanth came for a purpose to help the boy the story goes with the rajinikath past

Who is this boy , what is the past of rajinikanth and how he is going to end is the story

Finally the ending is awesome which you should watch in theatres only

Thank you !

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