Why TDP Not Reacting For Varma’s Attack?

varma v/s chendrababu

The tweets from filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma it is getting personal on Nara Chandrababu Naidu in the promotion of movie “Lakshimi’s NTR”. But it wonders that telugudesam party silents on this.

Recent ago Varma has come with a poll asking Chandrababu Naidu was a continuous backstabber and cited various incidents. His followers and other cinema lovers are voting in the poll. But why none from TDP criticizes these callous comments of the filmmaker.varma has used a sharp terminology to insult Chandrababu,and as you see one of the songs he targeted Babu, but none of the TDP cadres are talking about it.

Some says that TDP is busy with their plans on BJP and general elections are inching in, this is resone not reacting on Varma tweets.And they have also thought it will be unnecessary publicity to Lakshmi’s NTR which they don’t want to happen

Whatever it may be some of TDP numbers are going to report on Varma Let see what happens

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